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Dad was my mentor and helped me start my first company in 1969, the year after I married Shirley. In 1978 he bought a couple of Radio Shack TRS 80s Model 1 from Dave Williamson here in Wichita KS. Dad was so excited. He called me and said "you need to get some of these for your business!" I don't quite remember the details but the next thing I knew, I had two TRS 80s. No hard drive. 48k of ram. That was the beginning of our love of technology. My sister Jane was teaching computer classes at Wichita State University and we teamed up on her to write the software we needed. Dad would hold her kids while she programmed. He would get so excited when she would write something. Dad died in 1992 just shortly after I took this photo, but there is rarely a day that goes by that we don't think of how excited he would get. Mgmt TV Inc. dba Famhost and GPS Timeclock is dedicated to him. He loved God, his wife, family, employees and customers. My hope is that this company will be a blessing to my children and grandchildren in the same way that his was to me. 

Dad died suddenly and never had a chance to go back to his office after he had a heart attack. I found little green cards that he and printed on his daisy-wheel printer and laminated. "A righteous man walks in integrity; blessed are his children after him." - Proverbs 20:7.  I never heard him quote that verse. We wrote it for himself as a reminder. They were strategically placed: In the file that held his taxes. In the files of vendors, and customers. He had files on each child (there were 8 kids - I was the oldest). He wanted to live a life of integrity. That is my hope too. I've owned or managed a business for 50 years. I'm not rich as some define it, but I am rich. I have no one that I would avoid if I saw them walking toward me. I love and serve God, my wife, my family, my employees and customers. I thank God for the opportunity to continue serving Him through this business.  -Paul Farmer, Founder

Over the last 20 years that we've worked with GPS and field service mobility, we've learned a thing or two.  We've seen companies purchase a boilerplate GPS system to fix a problem with one of their drivers. Once they fix the problem or fire the driver, they are stuck with a big brother tracking system that can't integrate into any software and it no longer provides value.

GPS Timeclock scales as your needs change. We don't lock you into big contracts on equipment that becomes obsolete and no longer fits your needs. We have the units built to fit your needs so that you don't have to pay for stuff you can't use.

ServiceTitan recently acquired JaRay Software but Mgmt TV Inc. retained GPS Timeclock and Famhost.  Here is a video of that acquisition. GPS Timeclock can be fully integrated into ServiceTitan, however we are the ones who write the software and provide the service. Call us at 800-658-1676 and let us help you. 

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