How easy is it to start tracking an asset?

As easy as slapping a magnetic tracker on the unit and putting the description in the website. There are several models to choose. You can choose from battery, solar, and hybrid units. If you are tracking a vehicle, the units just plug into the diagnostic plug so that it can read the engine outputs. The system receives power from the diagnostic plug. We provide the right installation cables for type of vehicle you are installing.

Do you have a contract?

We've been doing this for over 20 years and have found that our customers appreciate having choices in not only the types of equipment and plans, but also the way they want to pay. Most companies prefer to do a lease so they don't have any equipment up front costs. They also want some flexibility to update equipment and change plans, even during the lease period. All of our leasing options include full warranty during the term of the lease. At the end of the lease, you can renew the lease to lock in the price, update the equipment, or pay any residual and on a month-to-month plan. We can sell the equipment outright or provide 24, 36, and 60 month lease options.

Can I try your system out on a demo?

You can order one free demo (STX) with a $99 deposit for each of your branch operations. We will return the deposit when the equipment is returned, purchased, or leased. If you are using ServiceTitan, we will integrate it into your system. 

What if the equipment quits working?

If you are on a lease, we will send you another unit and send you a return label for the defective unit. If the equipment is off-lease or purchased, our standard warranty is 12 months, but we do provide repair service. Warranty is a limited warranty that does not cover damage caused by water, improper use, abuse or use for other than intended purposes. The Warranty does not cover LCD screens and /or batteries.

What happens if technology changes or no longer works in our area?

Technology is changing all the time. If you can no longer use your GPS system because of cellular coverage, we will send you replacement units. For example, all of our current systems are 4G LTE, but if they no longer work when an area switches to 5G, we will send replacement units. If we change equipment manufacturers, we will also send out replacement units. All of the current customers using JaRay who are on an existing plan will (or have) received new units at no additional charge because we wanted to convert everyone to new technology from one manufacturer. Their month to month costs remain the same as they have now unless they decide to change plans.

What happens if I want to change plans?

Just let us know what plan you want to go to. If we can convert your existing unit over the air to the new plan, we will. If not, we will send you new hardware and have you return the existing units. 


What happens if a piece of equipment is damaged?

We know a thing or two about GPS equipment. The equipment we use is the best (in our humble opinion) that we can buy. It is extremely rugged and we've worked with it for almost two decades. In most cases, if you are on a plan, we will just send you a replacement unit and have you send the damaged one back. However if damage is caused by water, improper use, abuse or use for other than intended purposes, we reserve the right to charge for repairs.

Is there an additional charge for users?

No. There is no charge per user and you can run as many devices as you want on the mapping system. The portal and mapping components will run on any browser system. We also have a free Android app.

Can I run on Apple or Windows?

GPS timeclock will run on any system that can operate a browser. Just log in for full functionality. We have a special app for Android if desired (no extra charge), but all others just use their browser.

What systems do you integrate with?

GPS Timeclock is a complete system. It includes an incredible API, so it will integrate with virtually any current software system. Currently we have a full integration with ServiceTitan at no additional cost. The job icons even match the color scheme used in their dispatch board.  Since we have 40 years experience in the software industry, we can make whatever you want happen. There may be additional charges (except for ServiceTitan). Let us know what you want it to do and we will make it happen.

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