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Vehicles & Drivers


Of course we do Fleet tracking, maintenance, dashboards, diagnostics and instantly show driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics on the same map as jobs. But when overtime and tracking other assets are important, GPS Timeclock is your solution.



Know where all of your assets, trailers, construction equipment is that could potentially be stolen. Solar, battery and hybrid powered devices.



Track what time porta-potties, roll offs, and restoration equipment were serviced, dropped off or picked up; and what truck, jobsite, or warehouse they are currently in.

Vehicles & Drivers

Driver Behavior


Driver Reporting  & Vehicle Reporting

  • Multiple dashboards 
  • Fuel Reporting and trends
  • Engine diagnostics including battery level, RPM and odometer, speed etc.
  • Reports and route visualizations for improved route analysis
  • Ability to zoom and follow a truck in real time on either map or satellite view
  • Geofence boundaries and notification when vehicles enter and exit 

Fleet Maintenance


Key data and analytics from engine diagnostics

  • Real-time engine fault code alerts
  • Multiple Dashboard - set default
  • Status showing any services due
  • Service Log 
  • Service Schedules
  • Set up vehicle groups
  • Date / Time / Type alerts
  • Fuel use analysis, Maintenance Schedules & logs

Eliminate down time by taking good care of your vehicles. 

Camera Systems


Prevent insurance fraud and protect your company and drivers from wrongful litigation.

  • Dual dash & driver camera provides proof & accountability
  • Multiple camera system - you can have up to 8 cameras in each vehicle: side cameras, cargo, and rear cameras
  • Event driven alerts - you have control and don't have to depend on the driver to do anything. 
  • Easy to use - no additional programs to learn. Just click the driver and see the facts.


Battery Powered


Uses standard C Lithium Batteries. When vibration or movement is detected, the unit wakes up automatically and starts sending its location. Waterproof IP67 enclosure. 

Solar Powered


Designed for harsh environments. The waterproof large solar panel charges the integrated rechargeable battery with enough power to support different sensors and transmit at different intervals. 

Hybrid Battery / 6-24VDC / 110-220 AC


 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output and 1 analog input allow for various types of sensors such as pressure, temperature, engine on/off, vibration alarm, door open/close and more + CANbus OBDII, K-Line J1939


Indoor RFID Tags


These are small tags that use off the shelf 3v CR 2032 batteries. Each battery will last up to 2 years and can be read from up to 150 feet. The battery levels are indicated whenever the tag is read.

Outdoor RFID Tags


Rugged rechargeable tags that can be read from up to 250 feet. Designed to be placed on Porta-Potties, Rolloffs or any equipment that isn't likely to be stolen. You just need to know where in the heck it was put. 

Passive RFID Tags


Low cost supply chain management tags. No battery needed. Dallas Keys or Key Cards enable the drivers to "clock in" to their vehicles so you know who is driving. They do require a reader for each vehicle.

ELD Solutions

Standalone ELD

ELD Solutions

Standalone ELD Compliance Solution- For fleets looking for compliance only, Plugs into the vehicle’s ECM without interfering with your existing telematics. 

  • Plug & Play Installation- Simply plug BlueLink into the vehicle’s Jbus port via the 9-Pin, 6-Pin or OBDII (Heavy & Light Duty Cables available)
  • GPS Tracking- BlueLink Integrated with DriverLog provides for a complete ELD and GPS Tracking solution without the need to install a telematics GPS unit in each vehicle (GPS is dependent on the driver running the App on his phone.)

ELD + Telematics Gateway


 An advanced, ELD ready telematics gateway that plugs into the vehicle’s ECM for a complete Fleet Management solution including engine diagnostics, driver behavior, temperature monitoring and more. 

  • A Complete Fleet Management Solution- The PiccGPS Timeclock  STX is a modular, plug & play vehicle tracking device providing fleet managers complete, real-time visibility to location, driver behavior, CAN Bus Interface, temperature monitoring and ELD Compliance.

ELD + Wifi Hot Spot


 The most advanced and economical ELD solution for fleets, enabling fleets to meet the ELD mandate without incurring additional cellular data costs by connecting via the in-cabin WiFi Hotspot.

  • In-Cabin WiFi Hotspot- DriverLog connects over WiFi to the Piccolo Plus, sending the ECM data via WIFI and uploading the HOS data to the cloud.
  • Makes ELD Affordable- Built in WiFi allows you to cut costs by paying for just ONE SIM for both Fleet Management & ELD Compliance,. In addition, save money by purchasing less expensive WiFi-Only tablets.